Casino craps outside hook

Casino craps outside hook cliff castle casino camp verde az

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How to Play Craps and Win Part 5: 22 Inside Proven Strategy to Win Big Bank – The stack of chips placed on the craps table by the casino. Bar – Is a . 2, 11 and Hook – When a player is positioned at the crap table between the base dealer and the stickman. Outside Numbers – 4, 5, 9 and P. Pass Bet. terminology. Don't let that worry you as we explain all the language of the Craps table with our Craps glossary. Dealers: Casino employees who deal table games Outside dealer: Stickman, stands outside the pit. Stickman: Dealer in charge of proposition bets and the dice; uses a stick with a hook to move the dice. Apron – This is the outside perimeter of the layout on the craps table felt. At Risk – This is . These positions are often referred to as the inside and outside hook.